Friends of Pierce’s Project,

It is with great excitement and joy that I share with you all the news that our fund is growing! Our team has been busy behind the scenes and we are eager to share with you about the changes we’ve implemented to ensure that our organization continues to make a lasting impact in the greater Charlotte NICU community for years to come.

When we started Pierce’s Project nearly a decade ago, we had no idea that in 10 short years we’d have raised so much money and have accomplished so much. All of this is because of our wonderful supporters. Thank you!

Because of your generosity, we have not only been able to sustain our original goal of providing NICU families with care packages, but we expanded to providing other services such as counseling grants, support dinners, parking passes, and NICU photography sessions.

And now, as we are looking to grow and expand even more, we are excited to link arms with Bee Mighty to provide therapy/equipment grants for NICU grads and to work together to develop more robust support services for families experiencing a NICU stay.

As we make this transition, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me personally.


Lindsay Franks
Founder/ Chair of Pierce’s Project
(704) 307-5933