Both organizations have operated as sister funds serving the same community. The goal of joining forces is to make it as simple as possible for families to access resources and get the help they need.

We have come together under the name Bee Mighty. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides support and resources to local families before, during and after their journey in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our combined efforts will provide more comprehensive services for NICU babies, moms and dads. As we make this transition, you may still hear the name “Pierce’s Project” and utilize the website, but rest assured, it’s the same, united Bee Mighty team working to bring you NICU services.

Over the years, the founders of Pierce’s Project and Bee Mighty have had conversations around how to align and grow our shared passions to create a greater impact. We knew we wanted to help the same community. We discussed how we could partner, and how we could collectively achieve our goal to be an umbrella for the NICU. Over time, those conversations helped us realize joining forces was the right step for the families we serve. We have always worked in conjunction with one another; sharing ideas, challenges, and events. Now, not only are we able to cut expenses by streamlining infrastructure, but we can also decrease confusion in the NICU for already wary families. Instead of families questioning, “who does what?” We can now say, no matter where they are in their journey, “We are here to help!”

Absolutely. This acquisition means our family is growing, our slate of services is growing, and our mission is growing to ultimately better serve the NICU community.

We appreciate your continued support as we combine two organizations into one, and donations can now be made directly to Bee Mighty. The Federal ID for the organization is 82-2967919, legal name: Bee Mighty. This information will be included in our receipts for your donations to ensure IRS compliance.

Our day-to-day services will not change, and your support as volunteers remains crucial in our mission to support NICU Families.

We will continue to provide all the same services and opportunities the two organizations have offered previously. In fact, we believe combining our efforts will allow us to develop more services for the NICU community as a whole.

To apply or learn more about therapy or equipment grants, please visit
For counseling grants or care packages please visit
Please direct questions or concerns on how to apply to

The services offered through both our organizations will remain the same. They are just now consolidated under the umbrella of Bee Mighty. When you have a NICU family in need, you can refer them to Bee Mighty, and we’ll work to help them navigate their journey with care and compassion.

One of the primary benefits of joining forces with Pierce’s Project is to expand the services we’re able to provide to NICU families in need. Those services now include:

  1. NICU Care Packages: Bee Mighty delivers NICU Care packages to families with babies born under 30 weeks and/or 2.5 lbs. at Atrium Health Levine Children’s and Novant Health Presbyterian hospitals.
  2. NICU Support Services: We focus on families in times of need and crisis with regular touchpoints before, during and after their NICU journey.
  3. Mental Health Counseling: We provide grants to families for individual counseling sessions throughout their NICU journey.
  4. Medical Therapy and Equipment: Bee Mighty provides grants for medical therapy and equipment to families after their NICU stay to support their growth and development. Our grants support speech therapy, physical therapy, feeding therapy, cranial bands, wheelchairs, and much more.

You can refer eligible families directly to Bee Mighty. Our website includes a phone number and contact form, and we promise to respond as soon as we can. Please note that the Pierce’s Project website will stay active through early 2022. Families can reach us through either website.

Families who have spent time in the NICU and who need support and resources for physical and mental health and wellbeing during this time are welcome and encouraged to engage with Bee Mighty.